History in Sanlucar, Cadiz, Andalusia, Costa de la Luz, Spain

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The city of Sanlucar, Cadiz in Andalusia southern Spain had it´s first settlements in the tarteso era, although remains have been found from earlier civilizations. Remains such as those of Dolmen de Hidalgo, the bronze of Bonanza or the well of Los Caveros which has a great history and makes up the history of Sanlucar.

As in the rest of the coast of Cadiz and the Costa de la luz, the romans, visigoths, and arabs occupied thes lands centuries ago. The Atalayas (watchtowers) were built during the Roman era. After the arabs, the coastlines of Huelva and Cadiz were reconquered by the Catholic King and Queen, and this region was witness to it all. Guzman el Bueno after his incredible defense of Tarifa, recieved land here and was responsible for the re-populating this area.

In the 15th century Sanlucar became a fundamental tool, as the mouth of the Guadalquivir is here and passes through Seville another important tool. It made this municipality an important one due to it´s economy, import and exportation. It all had to go through San Lucar.

In the 15th cuentury the Duke of Medina Sidonia ordered that the Castle of Santiago be built. There, the Catholic kings stayed during their visits to to this area, most importantly in the yeawr 1477. From there they founded North Africa, the city of Melilla, which later formed part of the domains of the Casa de Medina Sidonia. After the discovery of America, this land became of great importance for maritime commerce with the Indies and America.

In the 19th century after the loss of protaginism of Sanlucar and the port of choice being Cadiz, the city started to regain importance with the incrimentation of boat traffic to the Port of Seville who without a choice had to pass through Sanlucar to get there.

In 1833 this city was included in a definitive manner to the province of Cadiz, which supposed in important wind of change. The sailors came back and in 1845 the traditions began in this city. The famous beach horse races in Sanlucar de Barrameda were founded in 1845.

At the end of the 19th century and begining of the 20th, the city and province of Cadiz began to have an important development with the construction of train tracks that joined Cadiz with Jerez, Chipiona, Rota, and Puerto de Santa Maria. Tracks that in time have dissapeared.

20th Century- History of the tourist city

In the firs part of the 20th century, Sanlucar became an important tourist destination. Hundreds of tourists from Spain flocked to it´s beaches. The heat, it´s climate, tourist infrastructures and most importantly the beaches caught everyone´s attention. Sanlucar became the tourist reference point in the south of Spain. In this time period there was a great construction boom for hotels, houses, chalets, villas, and apartments in order to accomodate the increasing tourism. It was haulted during the Spanish Civil War, and has continued to grow at a good rate after the fact.

In 1973, Sanlucar became by law a Historic and Artistic Complex, which made this city a reference point for all of the cultural cities in the province. Democracy soon arrived, and in today´s actuality, Sanlucar is still a preferred tourist destination in the province of Cadiz. Much of it is due to it´s great characteristics...Nature, incredible beachs, Natural Parks etc...


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